UV Alert Packet of 16 Patches

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UV Alert – Packet of 16 Patches

Every packet of UV Alert Patches also includes a UV Sensor Card, which enables wearers to cross compare sunscreen protected against sunscreen unprotected colour changes. The UV Sensor Card is also very handy for monitoring the environmental UV Index, warning you when atmospheric UV is high.

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A single packet of UV Alert Patches is 70 x 75mm (2.75 x 2.95 inches) and weighs about 5 grams (0.18 oz). Because the product is small, light and non-fragile, where possible we use standard mail to ship (e.g. Aus Post in Australia, USPS in the USA). Standard mail without tracking is included in the displayed cost of the product (in Australia and the USA) when purchased online at uvalertskins.com. Mail with tracking costs an additional $2.00 on the displayed price. Up to 5 packets of UV Alert Patches (12 or 16 pcs) can be sent in a single envelope at these rates; i.e. 1-5 x UV Alert Patch packets (12 or 16 pcs) shipped to you with tracking would be $2.00, or free of shipping charge without tracking. For purchasers in the U.S. and Australia, you have the option to select standard (free) or tracked ($2.00) shipping at checkout.

Prices shown are exclusive of sales taxes (e.g. Australia = 10% GST). Taxes relevant to your locale will be added/shown at check out.

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