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Stay Safe in the Sun. Stay UV Alert.


UV Alert Sunscreen Monitoring Patches warn sunscreen users when they need to reapply sunscreen. A patch is placed on an area of the body that is exposed to the sun (typically the upper arm). Sunscreen is then applied over the UV Alert Patch at the same rate it is applied to the rest of the body. When the wearer is protected by their sunscreen a circular UV sensor on the patch is clear to light pink; however, as the sunscreen stops protecting its wearer the circular UV sensor starts turning purple, warning the wearer that they need to reapply sunscreen.


Improved Design


‘UV Alert Sunscreen Monitoring Patches’ are an improved design over the small UV circular stickers that are commonly sold now. Their larger 3 x 3cm square, high adhesive surface area ensures that UV Alert Patches stay on in even the most extreme conditions. This makes UV Alert Patches ideal for high energy activity such as surfing, swimming, working outdoors and playing sports. No matter how much you sweat, how often you swim, or how vigorously you towel off, UV Alert Patches remain firmly in place over the course of the day.

By comparison, the UV colour changing circular stickers that are commonly sold now have a lower surface area of typically 1 – 1.5cm diameter and possess lower adhesion properties. As a result, they too often fall off when their wearers sweat or swim.

Medical Grade


UV Alert Patches are developed using only medical grade materials, including EU and FDA approved skin safe, hypoallergenic adhesives.

Unique Technology


UV Alert Sunscreen Monitoring Patches incorporate additional technology that other wearable sunscreen/UV monitoring products do not incorporate. This technology enables our product to provide more accurate information about UV exposure.

Clinically Proven


Wearable UV sensor technology is clinically demonstrated to improve UV awareness and sunscreen application practices.

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Key Features



  • Water Resistant/Water Proof
  • Suitable for use by both children and adults
  • Produced using cutting edge, breathable, hypoallergenic, medical grade skin mimicking adhesive film technology. The superfine 0.025mm thick material interacts with sunscreen in much the same way as human skin does giving you accurate (SPF, UV), real time readings of what is occurring with sunscreen applied to your skin
  • Produced using FDA and EU compliant skin safe, acrylate adhesives.These adhesives are rated as low sensitising and hypoallergenic
  • Silicone and Latex Free
  • Unique, improved design utilising larger surface area (3 x 3cm square), high adhesive patch with a 1cm round UV photochromic disc at centre
  • Small, discrete and comfortable to wear. UV Alert Patches are nearly invisible when worn on the skin
  • Unique to UV Alert Patches, UV Sensor Card technology. Every packet of UV Alert Patches includes a UV Sensor Card, which enables wearers to cross compare sunscreen protected against sunscreen unprotected colour changes. The UV Sensor Card is also very handy for monitoring the environmental UV Index, warning you when atmospheric UV is high
  • Developed to stay on in even the most extreme/trying conditions
  • Suitable for use in high energy situations such as surfing, swimming, outdoor work, and sports
  • Tropically tested. Suitable for use in hot, humid conditions where sweat often results in other UV stickers falling off wearers
  • A single UV Alert Patch will last all day telling you when you need to reapply sunscreen
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